Benefits of buying property in Australia compared to China


Even though prices have been increasing in Australia over the past three years and it has made it harder for Australians to buy property, the falling Australian dollar has actually made it cheaper for Chinese investors. At the moment, the Chinese government is guiding the yuan higher as the local stock market is falling. The growing difference between the Australian dollar and the yuan will make Australian property even more appealing to Chinese investors.

1. Yield
Traditionally Australian properties can yield a return of 4-5%, compared to Chinese properties which yield only 1-2%. This forms a very healthy proposition for investors with healthy cash flows and lower out of pocket expenses.

2. No purchasing restrictions
Unlike in China where there are restrictions on Chinese residents being able to buy properties, there are no restrictions in purchasing property in any city of Australia. Another major contrast is the issue of property title. In China property owners have land rights for 70 years with no clear indicationof what happens after. However in Australia there is no such issue, upon acquiring the property land title is permanent.

3. Fairer payment system in Australia
The benefits of purchasing property off the plan in Australia is a fair efficient system, where settlement occurs after completion of construction. However in China buyers are forced to follow a strict payment term of settling 100% of the property within 1 month of contract signing.

4. Diversifying investment portfolios
With the recent well publicised reports of China’s economic slowdown, the ability to invest in Australia’s stable and efficient property market seems like an attractive proposal for future growth.

BAM purchased the Vauxhall Inn


BAM purchased the Vauxhall Inn in Granville from the Eastern Hotels Group as its seed asset for investors, who pooled together over $15 million for the purchase. The difference was made up by debt funding.

King Property Group will be retained to undertake rezoning and development efforts For further information visit:

China-NSW Australia Business Council Launch


The Honourable Bob Carr launches the establishment of the China-NSW Australia Business Council. King Group is a major sponsor of the C-NSWABC.

King Group establishes BAM


King Group joins Eastern Hotels Group to form Bondi Asset Management Fund (BAM). Bondi Asset Management launches its fund raising effort for SLGPG Fund (Vauxhall).

Norwest Business Park site acquisition and rezoning


More than 17,000sqm of land has been acquired at Norwest Business Park. With attractive development potential, the construction of the Norwest Train Station, and the identification as a short-term opportunity site by the NSW Planning Department, King Group has initiated a rezoning amendment with excellent prospects of approval.

King Group acquires development sites in Sydney Olympic Park


King Group has acquired two sites located in the Sydney Olympic Park suburb for residential development.  

King Group purchase new site in Melbourne


King Group purchase a new site in Melbourne

King Group CEO and Director Travel to China


King Group CEO Michael Touma, and Director Charlie Touma travel to China with the prospects of partnering with Hai Sheng Group.

King Group goes international


King Group has recently opened up an office in Kuala Lumpur. With a strong demand in international investors purchasing in Australia, King Group has now opened up an international based office to accommodate this. King Group has a strong international network with growing relations across Asia.