Your complete property business solution

King Group takes away the difficulties, complexities and costs associated with selecting well-researched, well-positioned residential and commercial property investments for you and your clients.

Combining real-world expertise, strategic relationships and state-of-the-art online web-based marketing and management solutions, King Group can make every sale simpler, faster and more profitable for key stakeholders. It’s the property solution of choice for your business.

Our services integrate seamlessly into your existing business allowing you to maximise sales

Tailored solutions to suit your business needs

At King Group, we understand that every organisation is different. Our services integrate seamlessly with your existing business model, and you can choose the level of service and support you require.

So whether you’re a dynamic team of two or three people or a publicly listed company, King Group can provide you with the people, properties and service to maximise sales, reduce costs and grow your property revenue streams substantially.

Enjoy a competitive advantage

King Group recognises that your ability to effectively communicate, grow and build lasting relationships with your clients is vital to your success. That’s why our Property Partner Program is designed to help you deliver the right property to the right client.

We provide sound research into every property we recommend, backed by comprehensive online and offline marketing and management tools to streamline the sales process from your first lead to the final sale.

Areas of expertise:

  • Project marketing
  • Extensive partner networks with investor client bases
  • Comprehensive property research
  • Sourcing exclusive property opportunities
  • Off-market property transactions
  • Advanced software systems and web solutions for property marketing and sales
  • Brand matrix and corporate style guide development
  • Strategic alliances
  • Property management
  • Complete back office sales, system and administrative solutions

Our exclusive arrangements with developers mean you can offer your clients properties that aren’t available to the general public. These relationships can prove invaluable, since in many cases, by the time a development is advertised to the public, the best properties have already been sold.

King Group gives you exceptional access to property that your clients won’t find on their own. Which is a great way for your business to differentiate itself from your competitors.

Take control of your property solution

At King Group, we know that from little things, big things grow. And we’re dedicated to achieving outstanding results for our Property Partners. We can help you set targets, monitor activity and track performance using online, real-time data. Giving you the power to plan for the future more effectively than ever before.

With King Group’s advanced online software platform and industry expertise behind you, you can look forward to vigorous growth in your property sales.

King Group Property services gives your business a competitive edge:

  • Improve distribution channels
  • Streamline your property sales and management systems
  • Increase the value of your sales
  • Increase market penetration
  • Enhance the quality of your service
  • Provide a productive and cost-effective business environment
  • Minimise short and long-term costs