Supporting Services

Tailor our services to meet your business needs

We understand that every business is unique and our Property Partners require different levels of involvement in the property process with clients. King Group’s Property Partner Program is flexible, so Property Partners can choose a level of involvement that suits their business model, skills and professional licences held. It’s up to you whether you choose to have minimum or maximum involvement in the process.

The following complementary products and services are available to Property Partners:

Management of your client sales process.

An experienced and efficient Contract Administrator (CA) can make the difference between a sale proceeding or not. Our experienced and skilled CAs remove the complexities of converting a sales advice to an exchanged and settled contract for you and your sales team – making it simple and cost effective for your business to keep focused on what it does best. We can handle every facet of the sales and contract management processes, acting as liaison between key stakeholders, managing clients and solicitors and keeping you fully informed at every step of the process from initial enquiry to final settlement.

We will:

  • Manage and co-ordinate the sale and contract process
  • Follow up purchasers for holding deposits and supporting documents
  • Prepare and issue of sales advices
  • Liaise with the vendor and their solicitor for issuing of Contracts
  • Liaise with the purchaser and their solicitor for signing of Contracts
  • Liaise with the purchaser to make sure they have their deposit organised
  • Notify all parties involved of any complications that may arise during the sales and contract process
  • Advise the purchaser and sales people of updates of the exchange and settlement process
  • Notify the purchaser and sales people of the progress of the construction and expected settlement

Depreciation Schedules

In order for your clients to be able to claim the appropriate tax deductions associated with their investment, they require a quantity surveyors’ report, which can be obtained after the property has completed. Through our relationships with third-party quantity surveyors, we offer special discounts on obtaining a report that is specific to your client’s investment and meets the requirements of the Australian Tax Office.


Making sure your client gets the best deal from the financial institutions is critically important to the success of your client’s investment. If you wish, we can offer the facility of having access to dozens of different lending institutes through our affiliated network of mortgage brokers. This service is entirely free to you and your clients.

Deposit Bonds

In some instances, purchasers may wish to use a deposit bond in place of their deposit, which is required to complete the exchange of contracts on a property purchase. In these cases we have associations with a variety of bond companies that will be able to assist in making sure this process goes through smoothly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

Legal Advisors

When investing in property, it is highly recommended that your client engages the services of a professional who is qualified to advise them on their purchase as it pertains to their specific circumstances. If your client requires a solicitor or conveyancer, we offer a panel of qualified legal advisors who are familiar with property and local regulations and also specific to the state where the property is being purchased. Furthermore, our panel often offers special discounts in their fees as an added value to our Partners.