Why use King Group?

King Group takes away the complexities and difficulties associated with selecting well-positioned high quality residential and commercial property. Each property that we offer is packaged as you would find an investment product with extensive, yet easy to understand, research and investment data.

Not only do you benefit from King Group’s extensive industry experience, wealth of knowledge and exclusive relationships with like-minded accountants, financial advisers, finance brokers, real estate agents, solicitors and developers, you also gain access to the most comprehensive web-based property marketing and management software solution of its kind, giving you confidence in the property and service we provide.

Take advantage of:

  • Easy investment in property – our unique combination of quality properties and end-to-end service can be tailored to suit individual business or publicly listed companies, helping you maximise sales while minimising costs. Recommend property to your clients with 100% confidence and support.
  • Advanced research – Our reputation depends on how well we deliver what you and your clients want. So you can rest assured our selections are based on sound, third-party research and a thorough understanding of the market.
  • Wide range of property available – We offer a wide variety of properties that include residential units, commercial, boutique developments, large-scale high rise, house and land packages and all in major growth centres in Australia.
  • Exclusive relationships with property developers – Thanks to our exclusive, off-market relationships with property developers, your clients will be presented with unique property opportunities not available to them directly.
  • Advanced web-based business platform – our program represents the next generation of integrated real estate marketing solutions. It combines powerful Sales Automation, Financial and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools with the flexibility of a web-based platform, so you can optimise sales, grow your revenue and improve your bottom line, whether you’re in the office or on the move.

King Group gives you everything you need to deliver a superior level of service to your clients, increase your sales and drive better results from your property portfolio.

How do we choose property?

We understand that the strength of your business is built on outstanding service and trust. So naturally, our reputation depends on the quality of the property, tools, research and exceptional service we give to you. That’s why it is our highest priority to provide you with the best service and property opportunities available in the market.

We evaluate every property on five key criteria:

Strong research

It must be well-positioned in an area with good growth potential over the medium to long term, close to amenities and transport. Strong demographics, supply and demand for property, leading economic indicators, local amenities and infrastructure all play a fundamental role in our selection criteria.


The reputation and quality of the developer, builder and architect are crucial to our decision. We look for properties that are built by developers and builders who have a good name and reputation in the industry and deliver great property.


The property has to represent value for money in the current property market. Independent valuations are sought from all developers as well as independent market research before we release a property. Only when we are satisfied will we release the property to our Property Partners.

Ease of rent

Independent research on current rental market conditions are key in assessing the marketability and ease of ownership for purchasers. Properties that are easy to rent and provide solid returns are a must.

The X Factor

These are the factors affecting a property that cannot be measured by statistical and demographic data. The construction of a new shopping centre, a new train station, government investment into infrastructure or the rezoning of land are just some of the X factors which will add to the growth of an area and in turn property.